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Should the Internet be classified as a telecommunications service?

First, the FCC is considering reclassifying Internet as a "telecommunications service." That would put it in a regulatory category similar to utilities like electricity and phone service. Internet providers would have to offer customers equal access, and they would be subject to more regulation from the FCC. (Since 2002 the FCC has considered broadband Internet an "information service," which limits the commission's ability to regulate and doesn't mandate equal service for all.)

This is sometimes called the "nuclear option," and critics have questioned whether the FCC is truly considering this method -- but Wheeler has insisted that it's on the table. Supporters of net neutrality generally prefer this option. They say allowing Internet "fast lanes" is unfair to smaller companies without the cash hoards of titan rivals like Amazon, who will be hard-pressed to compete at slow speeds. They fear that broadband companies will go unchecked without regulation.

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